synonims: Grecanico Dorato, Grecanicu biancu a girimoli, Recanico, Grecanicu biancu a cruci.


single varietal: A fine wine of golden-yellow color, discreetly alcoholic, with a very light pleasant scent of Mediterranean fruit, fresh, savory and harmonious.

This grape produces a fine wine with a golden yellow color, discreetly alcoholic, with a very light, pleasant scent of Mediterranean fruit. It is fresh, savory and harmonious to the palate. This is a white grape of Greek origin cultivated mostly on the Western coast of Sicily. Of the total 5,600 hectares (around 1,383 acres) of this variety cultivated in Sicily 4,000 hectares (about 9,884 acres) are found in the province of Trapani. Even though its origins are not well known, it was probably the same grape that the monk, Francesco Cupani, in his 1696 Hortus Catholicus, defined as the Sicilian Grecani.

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