Moscato Bianco

 synonims: Moscato di Noto.


single varietal: A straw-yellow wine with accentuated golden hues. Intense and aromatic, it has fruity and flowery scents of rose, peach and sage. Sweet and smooth, with warm sensations just hinted at in contrast to coolness; aromatic and delicate.

This grape produces a straw yellow colored wine with accentuated golden hues. It is intense and aromatic, and has a fruity nose with flowery scent of rose, peach and sage. Aromatic and delicate, this wine is sweet and smooth to the palate, with slight hints of warmth, which contrast with the overall freshness. The Greeks brought the seeds to Southern Italy with the intention of growing Moscato grapes in their Magna Graecia colonies. It is believed that this grape is linked to the old “Vinum Balantium” celebrated by Pliny and produced with Moscadello Dolce.  Among the different varieties of Moscato, the white is the finest. The 212 hectares (about 524 cres) where this grape is grown are in the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa exclusively.

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