synonims: Shiraz.


single varietal: Wines from Syrah grapes are of ruby red color with deep violet hues. Intense, fruity and spicy it is well-structured and persistant; expressing freshness and softness.

The wine produced with Syrah grapes has a ruby red color with deep violet highlights. It is intense, fruity and spicy, well structured and persistent; expressing freshness and softness. This red grape is of controversial origin, and according to some sources originated in Iran, while others believe that its historical background is to be found around Syracuse, from where it disappeared, but was later reintroduced to Italy from France. Whatever the original source, this grape variety expresses its organoleptic characteristics at their best when grown in Sicily. There are nearly 5,000 hectares (12,355 acres) of Syrah vineyards in the region.

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