Xwine Sicilian Wine Talents

The various areas of Sicily can be best described by those passionate souls who grow the grapes and transform them into wine. These are the talented professionals who share a common objective: acquiring worldwide success for Sicilian wines thanks to their quality, presentation and communication.

Each winery, each vineyard has its own talented professionals who are eager to be found and ready to show their wines to the world. As a group, they represent the valuable, faithful core that expresses the quality of Sicily.
Sicily has 120,000 hectares (over 296,526 acres) of farmland. In this context, a micro-organization called Xwine was created with the goal of communicating the unique characteristics of the land, the wines, and the people who produce them. The group includes six wineries that joined forces, convinced that together they would succeed in promoting the quality of the Sicilian wine denominations worldwide.

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