synonims: Moscato di Noto.


single varietal: A straw colored wine with golden hues, if the leaves are left to dry the color becomes amber. It has a very wide and intense bouquet. Aromatic, fruity, and spicy with notes of candied fruit. Great sweetness and softness, coolness and flavour, which give the wine good structure, nice balance, and persistency.

The wine produced with Zibibbo grapes is yellow straw colored with golden hues or, if the grapes are left to wither, either on the vine or after harvest, the wine color becomes amber. This wine has a very wide, intense bouquet. Aromatic and fruity, it has spicy notes of candied fruit. It is sweet, soft, fresh and flavorful, with good structure, pleasant balance, and persistency. This grape was presumably brought to Sicily by the Phoenicians, who used it as a fresh, dry table grape, hence its name of Arabic origin, zibibbo, used in Sicily to indicate the state of grapes to be dried. The entire cultivation consisting of 1,762 hectares (around 4,354 acres) is found exclusively in the province of Trapani.

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